1: Discover the benefits of using natural weed suppressants in your garden for a low-maintenance landscape.

2: Mulch, such as wood chips or hay, can effectively smother weeds and enrich your soil.

3: Planting ground cover plants, like clover or thyme, can crowd out weeds and add beauty to your garden.

4: Corn gluten meal is a natural pre-emergent weed suppressant that also adds nitrogen to your soil.

5: Vinegar, when used as a spot treatment, can kill weeds without harming surrounding plants.

6: Hand weeding regularly can prevent weeds from taking over your garden, making natural suppressants more effective.

7: Opt for organic herbicides, like citrus-based sprays, that target weeds without harming the environment.

8: Compost tea is a natural alternative that can suppress weeds while providing nutrients to your plants.

9: Using a combination of these natural weed suppressants can help you achieve a weed-free garden without the use of harmful chemicals.