1: Discover how to create a clean water source for bluebirds in your backyard.

2: Bluebirds need fresh water to drink and bathe - learn how to provide this for them.

3: A clean water source will attract bluebirds to your yard and keep them healthy.

4: Try adding a birdbath or shallow dish with clean water for bluebirds to enjoy.

5: Keep the water source clean and replenished regularly to ensure bluebirds visit often.

6: Bluebirds will thank you for providing a clean water source by frequenting your yard.

7: Ensure the water source is shallow and easy for bluebirds to access and drink from.

8: Adding a water source for bluebirds can also attract other wildlife to your yard.

9: Watch as bluebirds flock to your yard for a refreshing drink from the clean water source.