1: Identify Poison Ivy Learn to recognize poison ivy to avoid contact with the toxic plant.

2: Safety Gear Wear protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection when handling poison ivy.

3: Tools Needed Gather pruning shears, gloves, and a plastic bag for safe removal.

4: Step 1: Cut Stems Cut poison ivy stems at the base to prevent regrowth.

5: Step 2: Pull Vines Carefully pull poison ivy vines away from trees to avoid spreading oils.

6: Step 3: Dispose Properly Double bag poison ivy vines and dispose of them in the trash.

7: Clean Up Thoroughly wash tools, clothing, and skin after removing poison ivy.

8: Prevent Reinfestation Monitor trees for new growth and remove poison ivy promptly.

9: Professional Help If unsure or sensitive to poison ivy, consider hiring a professional for removal.