1: "Identify Poison Ivy: Learn to spot the three-leaf clusters of this plant before attempting removal."

2: "Wear Protective Gear: Cover exposed skin with gloves, long sleeves, and pants to prevent contact."

3: "Pull Out Roots: Use a shovel to dig out the entire plant, including roots, to prevent regrowth."

4: "Bag and Dispose: Place removed plants in a sealed garbage bag and discard properly."

5: "Wash Immediately: Thoroughly cleanse skin and clothing with soap and water after removal."

6: "Treat Rashes: Dab affected areas with calamine lotion or cortisone cream to relieve itching."

7: "Maintain Vigilance: Monitor the area for new growth and promptly remove any new plants."

8: "Seek Professional Help: If unsure, consider hiring a professional landscaping service for safe removal."

9: "Prevent Future Encounters: Learn to recognize and avoid Poison Ivy to protect yourself from exposure."