1: "Cleaning Tools After Poison Ivy Removal: Prevent future contact by washing equipment thoroughly with soap and water."

2: "Clear toxins: Scrub tools with rubbing alcohol or bleach to kill any remaining poison ivy oil."

3: "Dry completely: Ensure all tools are dried thoroughly to avoid spreading the toxin on future use."

4: "Protect your skin: Wear gloves and long sleeves when handling contaminated tools to prevent contact."

5: "Dispose safely: Double bag any clothing or tools that came in contact with poison ivy for safe disposal."

6: "Check for oil residue: Use a blacklight to reveal any remaining toxin on tools for proper cleaning."

7: "Prevent contamination: Keep poison ivy removal tools separate from other equipment to avoid spreading toxins."

8: "Maintain cleanliness: Regularly clean and inspect tools to prevent the spread of poison ivy."

9: "Stay safe: Properly cleaning tools after poison ivy removal is essential for preventing rashes and reactions."