1: "Understand herbicide labels before application. Avoid drift to non-target plants for effective weed control."

2: "Consider applying herbicides when the weather is calm to prevent unintended harm to nearby plants."

3: "Maintain a safe distance from desirable plants. Use protective gear to minimize herbicide contact."

4: "Incorporate spot treatments to target specific weeds and reduce the risk of harming nearby plants."

5: "Use a shield or barrier to protect plants during herbicide application. Take precautions to prevent overspray."

6: "Follow recommended application rates and timings to optimize herbicide effectiveness and minimize non-target plant damage."

7: "Regularly monitor treated areas for signs of herbicide injury on nearby plants. Take corrective action if necessary."

8: "Consult with a professional or extension agent for guidance on herbicide selection and application around other plants."

9: "Practice proper herbicide disposal to protect the environment and avoid unintended harm to surrounding plants."