1: Introduction to Chen Tai Chi Discover the calming power of Chen Tai Chi with these six mood-boosting drills.

2: Breath Awareness Drill Focus on deep, intentional breaths to increase relaxation and mindfulness.

3: Movement Meditation Drill Flow through gentle movements to center the mind and release stress.

4: Gratitude Practice Drill Cultivate gratitude and positivity by incorporating this simple exercise.

5: Energy Flow Drill Boost your mood with smooth movements that promote energy flow throughout the body.

6: Balance and Stability Drill Enhance mood and focus by practicing balance and stability poses.

7: Heart-Opening Drill Open your heart to love and joy through heart-opening postures.

8: Grounding Exercise Drill Connect with the earth and center yourself for a more grounded mood.

9: Closing Thoughts Incorporate these six Chen Tai Chi drills into your daily routine for enhanced mood and well-being.